Automatic-voltage-stabilizers three-phase with independent phase control Power-range : from 60 kVA to 6000 kVA SIRIUS stabilizers are based on columnar voltage regulators: they allow to reach a rated power of 6000 kVA and realise a solid and reliable construction in order to satisfy any industrial need.

The three-phase voltage stabilizer SIRIUS line covers the range from 60 kVA to 6000 kVA and allows for the choice of several input voltage variation percentages within a broad range (from +30% up to -45%). The SIRIUS voltage stabilizers are supplied with independent regulation on each phase, therefore, the presence of the neutral wire is required. The SIRIUS type is used when the main is unbalanced and it is suitable for supplying three-phase loads, two-phase loads and single-phase loads. The stabilisers are air cooled, with natural convection up to 45°C and aided by fans when temperature is above 45°C .

The measuring instrumentation for the SIRIUS voltage stabilizers are incorporated in a control panel on the cabinet door and consists of two multi-task digital network analysers. Such instruments are able to provide with information regarding the status of the lines upstream and downstream the voltage stabilizers such as phase and linked voltages, current, power factor, active power, apparent power, reactive power, etc.

The front panel is provided with a led user-friendly interface which allows a complete monitoring of the unit (by indicating the status of the three regulators and the possible alarms). LED lights are provided for each phase signalling ‘power on’, reaching of voltage regulation limits and direction of voltage regulation (increase/decrease). Alarms for minimum and maximum voltages, maximum current, over-temperature, cabinet overheating and maintenance required are also indicated. The alarm indicators are accompanied by an acoustic alarm.

Their control system is completely renewed and is able to interface with the internet network, thanks to its capability to connect with ETHERNET and GPRS protocols. This control system is also provided with two USB ports for downloading data on a memory key and uploading setting parameters if operating modifications in the system are needed. It’s also possible to update the control firmware either with USB port or with Ethernet connection.

The logic control, performed on the true RMS voltage, is based on the 2-way DSP microprocessor. This allows the user for monitoring the system and setting all the parameters of the stabilizer via a PC connection are made possible.

All SIRIUS voltage stabilizers are provided with SPD surge arrestors Cl. I and Cl. II.

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